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Mummies and More–Discovering Ancient Egypt - Shared screen with speaker view
Rachel Schmid
Hi Nadia, absolutely! there is one part where she shows a mummy but she will warn you first just in case
Rachel Schmid
Hi Ron, sorry, it might be a wifi issue, I’ll look into it but hopefully it will sync soon!
Rachel Schmid
Thanks for attending! For anyone just joining us we have a high number of younger audience members attending this lecture so we’ve adjusted the style of the lecture accordingly. Also to note, there will be one slide of a real mummy, Marisa will warn the audience beforehand
Rachel Schmid
Hi Natalia and Olivia, I’m so sorry you aren’t able to go to Egypt over Spring Break, I hope you will get the chance soon. I have visited the Red Sea and it was so beautiful! The water was so beautifully clear and warm, unlike the Pacific Ocean near us, and unlike the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea didn’t have any jellyfish! That is very good because jellyfish can sting :)